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EOS account names must be 12 characters including lowercase alphabets and numbers between 1-5. Check if your name is valid before creating an account.

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EOS is required as a fee in order to create an account. Pay with other cryptocurrencies on eostart to instantly create your EOS account.

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After completing payment, your EOS account will be sent to your e-mail address.


What does eostart do?

Users can create new EOS accounts without having to ask an existing account holder to make accounts for them. Those who do not have a registered EOS account can now easily make new accounts through requesting account creation on eostart and making payments through Coinbase Commerce.

How does EOS account creation work?

In order for an EOS account to function properly, it needs to have about 4.00 kb of memory (RAM). An existing EOS account holder must pay a certain amount of EOS as a fee to create a new EOS account. EOS is not like ETH where you can transfer funds to a public key address. Without an EOS account name linked to a public key and some RAM, you cannot receive or make transfers.

Why do we need to pay to make an EOS account?

When a user pays a certain amount of EOS as a fee to create a new EOS account, it means that the user is paying for a certain amount of RAM (RAM price constantly changes) required for the account to function. To create an account with 4.00 kb memory, users will have to pay RAM price per kb multiplied by 4.

How does eostart work?

When a user requests an account creation, eostart calculates the current price for 4kb of RAM and 0.1 EOS each allocated to bandwidth and CPU. For example, if 1kb of RAM is currently at 0.5 EOS, account creation cost would be 2.2 EOS (2.0 EOS for RAM and 0.1 EOS each for CPU and bandwidth). The total cost would be exchanged into BTC/BCH/ETH/LTC prices in real time along with a minimal fee to cover eostart's operation and development expenses.

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